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Obour High Institute



Admission of students to the institute is through acoordination office for Egyptian students, stampnumber (866). As for non-Egyptian students, the application is through the Department of Expatriates at the Ministry of Higher Education. The institute accepts transfers of students from universities and institutes outside and inside the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Bachelor’s degrees

The institute grants a bachelor’s degree in engineering in the following departments:

Electronics and communications technology.
Computer engineering and technology and control systems.
Construction Engineering and Technology.
Architecture engineering

Educational system:

Educational system:

The institute’s curricula were developed by a group of professors from the Faculties of Engineering. The study is based on the traditional system (two-semester). The first year is general for all disciplines, and the specialization starts from the second year in one of the institute’s specializations. The study period at the institute is five continuous years.

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