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Our story started more than half a century, over 65 years ago, when 2 passionate educators established our first school. Mr. Louis Anwar and Mr. Fouad Habib, united with one great vision, when we established one of the first private schools in Egypt in 1952. The vision was to offer the best national educational system to the masses, in order to create an elite and well-educated generation that can benefit their society.

Our vision soon materialized into reality, and St.Fatima group managed to become one of the top private education institutions groups in Egypt.

St.Fatima group is one of the leading groups in the private education sector (Pre-K to 12 and higher education)

What once started as one small branch School in Abdeen the heart of Cairo, has now grown to become one of the biggest educational empires in Egypt. The Group has managed to sustain the vision throughout the years, and branched out to add more educational sectors, accreditation, certificates and faculties into its portfolio.

St. Fatima Group currently owns 4 national, 1 British school, 1 American school and 5 institutes for higher education that grant 11 different bachelor degrees in serving Egyptian students in 4 governorates (Cairo, Giza, Kalyoubeya and Red Sea) and serving Student in different educational stages and segments

With such a diverse portfolio, St. Fatima group caters to most educational needs in Egypt. On top of offering national and international education for the early years, our higher institutes also include many disciplines and majors. Students can choose any major ranging from management and IT to engineering and hospitality.

The Group has graduated more than 138,000 students and has 20,000 students currently enrolled, with more than 1700 amount of man power working in 10 campuses We have succeeded to graduate generations that bring pride to our beloved country Egypt.

Our group is well known for the quality of education offered, that’s why we are often the choice of many distinguished parents and students


•Build students who are well educated, well-mannered
and a great value to the society.


•Make sure that our students acquire the best academic knowledge with the
help of our professional and well qualified staff.
•Ensure that our students receive the best learning experience through the use
of the latest technology in the field of education.
•Encourage our students to engage in different school activities to help them
discover their talents and improve them.
•Inspire our students to help others and play an effective role in their community.
•Motivate our students to maintain a poised and impressive character.
•Establish our students’ sense of belonging to the school and the country.


•Offer a learning environment that enables the students to become the best version of themselves, academically and personally.


•Provide high quality educational service.
•Ensure a healthy learning environment.

•Guarantee qualified, experienced and well-trained staff.

•Implement the latest technology in the learning process.

•Help students build a confident, accepting and caring personality.

•Reinforce sense of responsibility towards community and encourage positive contributions.

•Embrace students’ sense of patriotism and belonging to their country.