Aly Hesham and Youssef Mohamed

Congratulations to Aly Hesham and Youssef Mohamed from Grade 4 Emerald who ranked from the top 5 winners in the ‘Make Space Yours’ first round competition for their spectacular spaceship design.

Malak Eid

Our own student Malak Eid  who won first place and earned the gold medal in the Egyptian Gymnastic Cup and Championship for Artistic Gymnastics organized by the ‘Egyptian Gymnastics Federation’

Farida Waleed Mohamed

Met champion, Farida Waleed Mohamed who earned the gold medal in the ‘Trio Dance’ and the silver medal in the ‘Aerobic Dance’ during her participation in the ‘Egyptian Pharaohs Cup’ – International Aerobic Tournament-Egypt 2021.

Judy Fayed

Congratulations to Judy Fayed in Grade 6 Princeton who earned 6 Gold medals in 6 different categories in the Gymnastics Championship

Hannah Tarek Sokkar

Hannah Tarek Sokkar in Grade 3 Washington, who won the gold medal and earned first place achievement for the 3rd consecutive year in a row in the Republican Gymnastics Championship

Malek Hassan

We would like you to join us in congratulating our Met young champions Malek Hassan who received a gold medal after 3 rounds in a Judo competition

Met Students

Met Students who entered the ‘Math Whizz’ competition at Malvern College and won Second Place!!

Isabella Baloun and Dieter Baloun

Isabella Baloun who won 1 Gold and 2 Silver medals and Dieter Baloun who won 1 Gold

Aly Mohamed Ahmed Aly

World champion in Kung Fu in the Chinese competition and the MMA Egyptian championship 

Mahmoud Hesham

World champion in modern pentathlon 2020